What Spam, Favorites and Unread Folders are for in GMX Mail?

Folders are important aspects regarding email services, allowing us to have a more organized inbox and get messages into different containers according to characteristics. In GMX Mail while users can create their own customizable folders, there are others available by default that can be quite useful to take advantage of; these are spam, favorites and unread folders.

Let´s address how we can use these folders the best way to get the most out of them, and in this way manage out inbox the best way possible.

Spam Folder in GMX Mail

Spam folder as the name says is the one that stores spam or trash messages, so the users do not have to deal with these annoying and in some cases insecure emails that arrive. In GMX Mail, the spam folder or any other is in the E-mail tab on top of the screen, with main options and folders on the left and details about the selected option on the right.

In the Additional Folders category in the menu to the left, click on “Spam” and spam messages will appear on the right. In this case there are not spam emails on the container, which is good news.

Click on the “Folder Settings” icon on the actual folder and through a small menu you will be able to set the storage time messages will last in the container, as well as how many messages per page you want to see. Click on “OK” to apply changes.

In case you receive a message that you consider spam and want to move it to the corresponding folder, you can do it. Go to the container where the email is, select it by clicking on its checkmark icon and then click on “Spam” in the tool panel on top. It will be moved automatically.

Favorite Folder in GMX Mail

In occasions, we get to receive emails that we like very much and apart from having them at hand, we want them apart and save. This is the purpose of the Favorite folder in GMX Mail, and the best part is that any message can be moved to this container in just one click. The folder can be reach through the left panel titled as “Favorites”.

For a message to appear on this folder, go to the container where it is and click on the star icon on the right of the email on the list. This is the “Mark as Favorite” button and automatically will move the email to the Favorite folder.

Unread Email Folder in GMX Mail

The Unread folder in GMX Mail, which is located as first option in the main panel on the left is where unread messages appear, along with the general inbox. At the moment messages are read or click by the user, they do not appear anymore in this folder, remaining in the original inbox though.

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