What is Office Online in GMX Mail?

GMX Mail is a comprehensive free email provider that offers plenty of options to the users, not only for communication purposes but also for many more, emphasizing productivity and tools to get more of every session. One of these features to stay productive in GMX Mail is definitely the Office Online function, as a complete office suite right there on the email service.

Let´s review details about the Office Online functionality in GMX Mail, its main purpose, options available and how to add templates that will help to create new files faster and better.

Concept and Purpose of Office Online in GMX Mail

As the name says, Office Online in GMX Mail is a main function that allows to create, edit and manage office nature files, as if it was an office suite but right there in your email account and with requiring to install anything.

In this way, the user will be able to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly from the platform and work on them on the go, available in every device they log in. This s definitely a booster respecting productivity, since the tool allows to work by counting on with these three format files.

Office Online works based on GMX Cloud as the primary platform that is the one storing the files on the go. So, every file is available anywhere thanks to this cloud that is available for every user with their accounts, with up to 2 GB of total storage for free. This is how it looks.

Options and Templates in Office Online by GMX Mail

Office Online in GMX Mail offers a set of options to manage files and more. To begin with, there is a main menu on the left where the folders and functions are located to find them easily.

For instance, the first options on the main panel correspond to documents, spreadsheets and presentations that are being created and edited but not finished, so they are available there permanently. By clicking on any of them, immediately the file will be opened and resumed to its latest point.

Further on the main menu you find the “Online Office” and “Recently Used” options to access files that are being edited on the short term.

One important function that is included in Office Online is the possibility to use templates, so starting a document for a specific purpose will be easier. To start using the templates, go to the main menu on the left and click on “Templates”.

Immediately on the right side will appear the templates that are available, which are designed for presentations, documents and spreadsheets and integrate distinct designs to use in particular occasions, such putting together a CV or starting a presentation with images from a theme. Click on a template from the list to apply it.

In case you are having troubles recognizing templates for documents, spreadsheets and presentations, by clicking on the “All Templates” button you will be able to filter the available material in terms of type.

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