What is it and how does GMX Cloud Work?

Those days when email services served that only purpose of acting as communication platforms to send and receive messages are in the past, acting now as more comprehensive solutions that include security, organizational and productivity tools that are very powerful. In GMX Mail the greatest example of this is the GMX Cloud.

But, what is this GMX Cloud tool anyway? We are going to be talking about it in more depth respecting concept and purpose, function and how it is that can boost productivity and general usability of GMX Mail.

What is GMX Cloud? Concept and Functions

GMX Cloud is the cloud service provided by GMX Mail, which for free offers every user with up to 2 GB of storage to save documents, media files, photos, videos, compressed archives and virtually anything the user wants to throw at it.

All of this files that the user saves in GMX Cloud will available permanently and from any device, so it is a perfect way to protect valuable photos, documents and memories in general. Attachments that are sent through emails are also saved in GMX Cloud, occupying space as something to keep in mind. 

Now, while the user can take advantage of GMX Mail´s cloud platform to save files and use it as an attachment repository, the real potential this cloud has is in terms of productivity and image editing. Let´s see how.

Boosting Productivity and Editing Functions

Productivity and image editing functions are boosted big time by GMX Cloud, acting as base platform of these valuable options for the user. In details, with GMX Mail´s cloud is possible to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations without requiring any other software, completely on the go and with every safe and accessible online.

All of these productivity options are included in the Online Office function provided by GMX Mail, which GMX Cloud is base to save and edit every document, spreadsheet or presentation created on it. The online software is complete and include options to create and modify the files the best way possible, with tools that are similar to actual office suites.

In fact, for all of those office files created by the user GMX Cloud will create a specific folder for it call “My Office Files” to find them easily. Every file on the folder is shown to the right.

Editing Photos in GMX Cloud

The most recent function respecting GMX Cloud is editing photos. To do it, click on the photo you want to edit from any folder and it will be open on its own window with a tool bar on top, so click on the option “Edit Photo”.

Immediately the edition panel will appear with plenty of options to modify the image on the bottom, including filters, frames, effects, overlays addition and text, stickers and more. when the image is finished, click on “Save” to save the results in GMX Cloud and therefore the file will be protected against hardware failure and other risks thanks to the cloud. 

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