What are Trash, Sent and Draft Folders in GMX Mail?

Folders are great tools to work with in email platforms as organizational containers of messages, so they do not get to be lying around or cluttering the inbox. In GMX Mail, users are able to create their own folders according to specific needs, as well as counting on with default containers that are very useful, which some of them are Trash, Sent and Draft folders.

In details, these folders can be used automatically by the platform to store messages respecting some actions, or can also be utilized by the user to save messages according to their requirements. This is how you can do it.

Trash Folder in GMX Mail

The Trash folder in GMX Mail is the one where every deleted message is going into, as a repository that is available in case you want those deleted emails back. To access this container, open session in GMX Mail and being in the E-mail tab of the platform, click on “Trash” as folder that is located on the panel to the left.

Let´s make a test. In these images will be shown how a message is deleted by selecting such email and then clicking on “Delete” and how immediately is moved to the Trash folder.

By clicking on the Settings Folder button as an icon on the folder, you can set the time you need the deleted messages remain on it and how many emails per page to appear. Click on “OK” to apply changes.

In case you need to, you can move a message from the Trash folder to another easily. To do it, select the message, then click on “Move” in the tool panel on top of the messages list and choose the destination.

Sent Folder in GMX Mail

By using the Sent folder, you will be able to check the messages that have been sent, to whom and when, since this is the container where every email that you sent is going into for later checking or use.

To access the Sent folder, click on “Sent” on the Additional Folders category that is showing to the left in the Email tab.

As it happens with the other folders in GMX Mail, from the Sent container you will be able to move emails from it to other folders, delete the messages and more. To do it, select the message and click on the desired option on the tool panel that is enabled on top. Emails can also be forwarded, resent or moved to any folder you need to.

Draft Folder in GMX Mail

And finally, we have the Draft folder which is the one where unfinished messages are moved into for quick resume. In this way, emails that are half-way written can be sent and the text, attachments or any other information do not get lost.

This is how it looks.

By clicking on any message on the Draft panel, it will immediately resumed to keep on writing on it. After finished, click on “Send” to send the email.

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