Settings for Encrypted Communication in GMX Mail

High quality email services and platforms make use of different technologies to guarantee safety and security of the user, along with the relevant information that is present in messages and folders. To do this, encryption is one of the most common tools that allow service providers to safeguard users´ data, with strong protection.

In GMX Mail is possible to make use of encrypted communication in emails, by activating it since is disabled by default and this is because the user must enter some information and complete some parameters to start encrypting messages. Let´s see how we can do it.

Starting with Encrypted Messages

To begin with encrypted messages in GMX Mail we must find the options in the settings. To do it, first open session and when you are logged in, click on “E-mail Settings” as option in the main menu on the left while the Home tab is selected on top. This is the home screen when you open session anyway.

In the E-mail Settings screen, on the left there is the main menu while details on the category or function selected appears on the right. For encryption features, click on “Encryption” in the Security category of the main menu.

In the resulting screen of Settings for Encrypted Communication, GMX Mail will tell us about the possibility of encrypting messages, so the information contained in them can only be read by senders and recipients. Click on “Set up Encrypted Communication” to start with the process.

At doing so, the setup procedure will start with a window offered by the platform where three steps must be completed to add encryption feature to the emails. First of all, the number 1 step is “Set up” and include downloading the security browser extension developed by third-party vendor Mailvelope. So, click on “Download Browser Extension” to continue.

When we download the extension GMX Mail automatically detects it and let us continue to the left step, which is setting up a password that will be the one encrypting the emails. Therefore, enter a password on the corresponding field and then re-enter the same passphrase to continue with the third and last step.

It is recommended to enter strong password with numbers, special characters, uppercases and lowercases. Click on “Continue”.

A message will appear where GMX Mail tells us that the encryption process is carried out and that it could last several minutes, so we wait.

When the encryption is completed, the last step will be the recommended process to apply where data is backed up, with all messages and folders so information never get lost in case of a misfortunate even. Click on “Create a Backup” and while this step is not necessary, it is recommended to follow it for the reasons explained prior.

If you do not want to finish the process adding a backup, click on “Finish without a Backup”. The resulting screen when the process is finished is one telling us that encryption is been set up, along with other enabled options.

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