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Currently, basically any online service and platform has a related mobile app for users to get advantage of in their phone, tablets and other devices and email platforms are no exception. GMX Mail as high quality email provider offers its app for Android and iOS-based devices, including comprehensive options for sending messages, logging in and even create accounts.

Let´s see how we can use the GMX Mail app either in Android-based smart phones or also iPhones and iPads that run iOS, showing how easy is to open session, send emails and explore settings.

Opening Session in GMX App for Mobile Devices

The first step to start using the GMX app in your mobile devices is by downloading it. If you are using an Android-based phone or tablet, enter to the Google Play Store, search for “GMX” and install the app. If you use an iOS device as an iPhone or iPad, search for the app in the App Store and follow the same process.

When installed, open the app and in the first screen it will ask you to enter valid email address and password. Tap on “Login” to open session. In case you have not created an account yet, tap on “Register” to start the registration procedure and obtain your account.

If credentials are valid, session will be opened but before that the GMX app will give the choice to synchronize your address book, calendar and back your photos to GMX´s cloud. You can either accept or reject the options.

Different Settings in the GMX Mail App

By opening session you will be able to see the inbox and the available messages on it. Now, in first place if you click on the icon with the three lines in the upper left corner, you will access the folders and the settings on the app to choose which messages you want to see.

If you click on the Settings button on the top right corner of this scree, you will access the configuration, as you can see.

If you tap on general settings, you can modify parameters in for attachments, no disturb mode, and enable pin or screenshots and more.

Writing an Email in the GMX Mail App

Writing a message in the GMX app is very easy. To do it, go to the inbox and tap on the green button with a pencil on it located to the bottom right.

In this way, a Compose panel will appear for you to write the new message and include text, recipient and subject. The app included a signature by default.

You can also add attachments by clicking on the button with the clipboard icon, and then the platform will ask you to choose the origin of the folder, if the GMX Cloud or phone.

Also, if you tap on “Cloud” in the bottom right of any screen, you will enter the GMX´s cloud that gives free storage. Saved files will appear.

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