How to Use the Email Settings in GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a comprehensive email platform with plenty of functions by integrating highly complete messaging tools, contacts, calendar, personal cloud and online office, along with other options and possibilities in just one place. With such an advanced service, there are many settings to tweak with and users can do it with the Email Settings in GMX Mail.

From folder management to security options and the possibility to integrate third party email accounts, Email Settings in GMX provides easy access to anything the user wants to configure in simple steps. Let´s see how is done.

Learning to Use the Email Settings in GMX Mail

To start using the Email Settings in GMX Mail, firstly there is the need to access the platform. So, open session using email and password to enter. Once you are in, the system will load by showing the inbox and Home screen. To the left of this Home screen there is a main menu with categories: Organizational Tools, Access Options and Personalization.

However, main options in the menu on the left are placed at the bottom. In here, search for the “Email Settings” and then click on it.

In this way, you will have access to a comprehensive set of options and configurations to apply and change respecting the service. This is how it looks, with each category and function on the left and the details and options to apply on the right.

Exploring Different Categories in the Email Settings by GMX Mail

The first category on the Email Settings is “Email” and is actually the home screen of the whole configuration page. The first sub-category to set is “Compose E-mail” and in here we can set formatting options in messages, such as establishing default fonts, size, color and effect as you can see on the image.

Down below, in the “Signature” sub-category you can add a signature that will be included in every email automatically, up to 500 characters to write name, degrees and mottos.

Next sub-categories are “vCard” to enter contacts using this format, “Text Mail” to select by default that new messages are written with HTML format automatically, “Suggested Contacts” for enabling or disabling contact suggestion when writing a message.

The last option respecting the “Compose E-mail” category is the sub-category “Set a Sending Countdown”, which will start a timer before sending a message so the process can be reversed. Click on “Save” to apply changes on every sub-category.

Folder Category in Email Settings

In the Email Settings there is a second category called Folder and at the same time includes three subcategories:

“Folder Overview” to manage and create folders. To manage a folder, click on the tool icon by putting the cursor on it in order to change name, storage and email pages.

“Filter Rules” are options applied to filters to move or forward emails when they meet some parameters when get received.

“Unread Emails” is the last option respecting this category and offers the possibility to display or disable an Unread Email folder on the left where unread messages will appear.

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