How to Deactivate External Content in GMX Mail

When we make use of email services, one of the main concerns we may have at some point has to do with security and privacy issues, since through spam and other messages it is possible to deal with malware when such emails carry it in the form of links or media information like images or attachments. In GMX Mail, users can disable external content received in any message.

In this way, probability of downloading malware or any other security breach is reduced considerably. This is how we can deactivate external content in GMX Mail.

Opening Session in GMX Mail

To start managing options in GMX Mail and be able to deactivate content for better security, we first need to open session on the platform. To do it, using your internet browser of choice open a new window or tab and access the URL address: “www.gmx.com”. Then, when the homepage is loaded click on “Log in” as button located at the top right corner.


In this way, a panel will be shown asking you to enter email address and password. Click on “Log in” when credentials are written and session should be opened.

Deactivating External Content

Now that we have logged in, the next step is getting into GMX Mail´s configuration and change external content parameters, which is very easy. To start, being on the Home tab as main first page of the platform, search for the “E-mail Settings” button in the main menu on the left and located almost at the bottom.

In this way, email settings will appear to modify practically any configuration possible. The main menu on the left includes different categories with options that are detailed on the right.

In the Security category that is third, click on “External Content” as last option to select it in such category. Immediately, on the right will be shown some information about this function, in which says that external content in emails like images a media will not be loaded or displayed for security reasons.

Therefore, users will be able to know the implications of this setting. Spam folders have external content deactivated by default. To apply the configuration, click on “Deactivate External Content in E-mails” to select the checkmark. Then, click on the “Save” button to apply the changes.

By doing so, the changes will be applied and GMX Mail will let you know by showing a prompt warning where it says that the process was successful. This is how it looks.

To enable external content in messages again, click on the checkmark in the “Deactivate external content in emails” option to unselect it and then click on “Save” to undo the process, making external content and images to appear in messages again.

This option is a another way to protect our account against malware or undesired content to appear in emails, along with spam and antivirus solutions. 

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