How to Create a New Spreadsheet in Office Online by GMX Mail

Productivity tools in email services have become a must for the majority of users in general, taking advantage of such solutions to keep on working on the go and stay productive by creating different files. In GMX Mail the productivity platform provided to users is Office Online as a valuable set of built-in software to work with.

While there are three different types of files that users can create in Office Online by GMX Mail, spreadsheets are of the most relevant as the type of archive that has calculation, pivot tablets, graphing tools and more. Let´s see how it is that we can create a new spreadsheet using this platform.

Creating a Spreadsheet in Office Online

To create a new spreadsheet in Office Online by GMX, the first step is to open session in the platform. Once we are in, we get to click on the “Online Office” option on the tab panel on top, as sixth button from left to right.

By clicking on this tab, the Office Online platform will be available showing the main menu and folders to the left, while actual files and lists appear on the right.

To create a new spreadsheet there are two ways to do it. Click on the second button “Create New Spreadsheet” on top of the main menu. You can also click in “New Spreadsheet” on the Online Office option in the main panel.

When you click in either options to create the file, the platform will asks us to enter the spreadsheet´s name. Click on “Save” after the title is entered and the file will be successfully created in an instant. This spreadsheet is called “Work Book”.

In this way, the new spreadsheet will be created and ready to use, being shown on the left as a file while on the right there is the editing panel to modify the actual spreadsheet.

Modifying the Spreadsheet File

With the spreadsheet on the right, on top of it appears the tool panel to apply on the cells different equations, general format and more. The tool panel includes general options to format text and cells in terms of font and size, colors, background, borders, image inserting and conditionals.

Below the tool panel there is the function panel, in which we can add different formulas and equations to apply on the selected cells and perform complex mathematical operations. This is how it looks like.

You can select different cells and write text and apply equations on the function panel, as well as modify borders and more.

Spreadsheet Templates in Office Online

A better and easier way to use spreadsheets is by applying templates for specific use. To do it, click on “Templates” on the main menu on the left and choose any template you need. It will immediately will be applied and ready to use. This makes easier to create and edit spreadsheets for beginners.

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