How to Create a New Presentation in Online Office by GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a platform that is focused on providing valuable tools for the users apart from obvious emailing and messaging functions, boosting up productivity and creative work in general and for specific tasks. To do it, this email provider offers a built-in platform known as Online Office in which you can easily create and edit spreadsheets, documents and presentation files.

Let´s focus on this last mentioned presentation sort of file that you will be able to create using Online Office by GMX Mail, allowing putting together conferences and high quality visual resources.

Creating a New Presentation in Online Office

Office Online by GMX Online lets you create presentations by including integrated tools and advanced functions, in the same way installed office suite software does but built-in on the platform.

To start, open session in GMX Mail by entering valid account and password. When do so, the Home screen will appear and to access the Online Office platform, click on the corresponding tab on the tab panel on top of the screen.

You can create a presentation in two ways. Click on the “Create New Presentation” button located at the top of the main menu on the left, or click on the “New Presentation” option that is available in the list on the right.

Like this, Office Mail will request to enter the new presentation´s name, so write it and then click on “Save” to create the presentation. By doing this, the new presentation will appear on the main menu as file, and on the right will be shown the actual file to be edited along with tools and functions to apply. We will name this new presentation “Math Presentation”.

Editing a Presentation

After the presentation is created and open to be used, the next step is to modify it at best convenience depending on the purpose. On the right the presentation is shown and above it you will be able to see the tool panel to add different effects, edit text and more.

On the editing panel, the two first options to modify are the title and text down below. So, let´s write “Math Presentation” as title and some text below it.

On the tool panel on top of the slides you can add effects on the fonts and change it, change color, align text options and more. This is how it looks to add bold and italic effects on the slide.

One important thing to know when it comes to creating presentation slides is to insert images, since they are great visual resources. To insert a new image, click on “Insert Image” on the tool panel, select the image from local or cloud storage and click on “Open”.

This is how it looks when the image is added. You can reduce or enlarge the way you want and move on the slide.

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