How to Change Design in GMX Mail

Along with powerful options to boost productivity and also general advanced functions for emails and messages, GMX Mail also incorporates different choices to change design and customize the layout according to personal interests and taste. In this way, the experience of using the platform is completely personal and related to the users´ needs and preferences.

Let´s see how to change the design in GMX Mail and other features that have to do with the way the platform looks in aspect, and therefore enjoy of a better user experience and change monotony a little bit.

Logging in on GMX Mail to Change Design

To change the design and modify other settings and configuration parameters in GMX Mail, the first step is to open session on the platform. Open a new tab or window on the internet browser of choice and access the URL address: “www.gmx.com”. In this way the login screen of the platform will load.

When the page is fully loaded, click on “Log in” on the top right corner of the screen and then enter the email and password related to your account. Click on “Log in” to finish the logging process.

Changing Design in GMX Mail

Now that we are in, the next step is to actually access the settings options in which design and aspect parameters are included. There are two ways to access; you can go to “Design” directly on the Personalization category in the main menu on the left.

The second way to access design options is by clicking on the “More” button on the tab panel on the top. By clicking on it, other main options appear sort of speak for the user to set. Click on “Design” to enter.

Using either option is going to get you the same page, which is the one in which you can change design. In details, there are up to six colors to choose from that will be applied to the whole platform´s layout, sort of customizing the experience and general use. This is the list and includes blue as default color, turquoise, claret, gray blue, light green and purple.

To apply a new color as general design, click on the “Select” button right below the color of choice and changes will be immediately applied. Then, click on “Save and Close” to apply changes.

This is how it looks if we choose turquoise.

If we repeat the same process shown before, we can change color and general design in second. For example, if we want to change from turquoise to claret to make it more interesting, this is how it looks when changes are applied.

This way, users will be able to spice things up and modify design any time they need to escape from general routine on the platform.

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