GMX Mail Whitelist and Blacklist Options

While we use email services, in many cases we get across with contacts from which we do not want to receive messages for any number of reasons, which could be from sending inappropriate or spam content to simply unnecessary information.

Also, it can occur similarly the same in which services or contacts share useful information but for some reason messages get caught in spam folders or alike. In any case, whitelist and blacklist options are perfect for email filtering respecting contacts and GMX Mail includes these options. Let´s see how they work.

Whitelisting in GMX Mail

GMX Mail offers the option to whitelist contacts and senders that for some reason have being considered spam. This happens when the user established at some point that at contact was sending spam or unnecessary information via mail. By whitelisting a contact, every message they send will be received normally.

To start, get signed in and while being in the Home tab with the inbox and general options on the main menu on the left, click on “E-mail Settings” to access the whitelist configuration.

In this way, you will moved to the E-mail tab and top with the main menu on the left showing the different categories and settings. Search for the “Whitelist” option on the main menu, specifically in the Security category.

On the right there are the details and functions to apply. In the Whitelist screen, GMX explains that contacts and domains added on this will be able to send messages directly to the inbox. To begin, in the “E-mail/Domain” field add the email address that you are interested in bypassing the spam filter. Click on “Save” after you are done.

If you enter a domain, messages send from accounts using such domain will be whitelisted.

Immediately, a prompt window will appear letting the user know that the domain or email account that was entered was saved successfully. Also, a “Friends and Family” list will be generated showing the whitelisted emails on the bottom.

Blacklisting in GMX Mail

With blacklists, you can add contacts or domains from which you do not want to receive emails for security reasons. Automatically, contacts and domains that has been blacklisted will be filtered by the spam filter.

To add a contact or domain to a blacklist, click on “Blacklist” on the main on the left of the E-mail tab. To the right will appear details about blacklists and how email addresses and messages will be considered spam. Write the email addresses or domains to block in the “E-mail/Domain” field. Click on “Save” when done.

Similarly when whitelisting email addresses, when email addressed are blacklisted a prompt window telling the process was successful will appear. Therefore, messages received from the introduced address will be put in the spam folder automatically.

Also, the blacklist will appear on the bottom showing domains and email addressed that have been blacklisted. In case you want to remove an address from the list, put the cursor of the mouse on it and click on the “Delete” button with a trash icon.

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