GMX Mail, Spam Detection and Virus Protection Options

GMX Mail: When it comes to emails, spam and malware are two important matters and general risks, since malicious users frequently attack these platforms to obtain personal information about the account owners and be able to obtain proper benefit, or simply the intention of infecting computers and devices with viruses.

In any case, good email providers and platforms integrate software and tools to deal and for users to be protected against spam and malware. In GMX Mail, spam and virus protection solutions are built-in, although users can tweak with these functions a little bit in the Spam, Spam Detection and Virus Protection options in GMX Mail.

Accessing Spam and Anti-Malware Options

GMX Mail is built-in with security automatic features that work requiring the user to do nothing at all. However, these options can be accessed and have their place in the Email Settings for tinkering a little bit, in case the user wants to.

The first step is to open session in GMX Mail and the Home tab that is usually the first page to be seen by the user. So, find the option “E-mail Settings” in the main menu located to the left of this tab and click on it.

In this way, the Email tab will be loaded with the Settings menu on the left and different categories. Locate the Security category and “Spam and Virus Protection” and “Spam Detections” will be options available for you to click.

Spam and Virus Protection Options

If you click on “Spam and Virus Protection”, you will notice that by default the GMX Spam Protection is activated, appearing in green. Down below the big green checkmark icon, you can see a selection button that explains five features of the anti-spam technology built-in.

If you click on this selection button you will be able to disable the GMX Spam Protection, but this is not recommended in any way.

From this option you may also reset the text pattern profiler that finds spam according to specific terms, send a daily spam report and apply the spam filter to the added contacts.

Virus Protection Option is located in this same page down below, also appearing in green with a big green checkmark icon by default, meaning is activated. If you click in the “Activate Virus Protection” selection button while activate and click on “Save”, the antivirus will get disabled and this is not recommended.

This is how it looks when spam and virus protection options are disabled, with big green icons of warning. Again, it is not recommended to disable these security features.

Spam Detection in GMX Mail

GMX Mail is also built-in with a spam detection feature but is disabled by default. To activate it, click on “Spam Detection” on the left main menu, then click on the selection buttons as agreed with all the conditions, and ultimately on “Save” to apply changes.

Image 8 In this way GMX Mail will have permission to check messages for spam or different types of malware for protection.

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