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The Organizer in GMX Mail is a calendar with advanced options and functions that can be utilized by the user to organize events and appointments in a better way, being notified when the date arrives and with plenty of customization and information to enter.

Along with that, GMX Mail´s organizer include a great selection of settings to configure and customize the experience according to specific needs, with state-of-the-art possibilities that allow users to import and export calendars, sync events in different devices and cloud and many more. Let´s see how it is that we can set the Organizer provided by GMX Mail at best convenience.

Accessing the Organizer Settings in GMX Mail

To access the settings related to the Organizer, open session and click on the “Organizer” button on the main tab panel on top, and then click on “Organizer Settings” on the bottom of the left panel, right below the “Help” option.

General Category for Organizer Settings in GMX Mail

The Organizer settings in GMX Mail are divided into two categories. The first is General and will be the one to address in this segment, including all-purpose functions and configuration. For example, by clicking in the “General” option on the left there are different configurations to set on the right, such as the view, starting day of the week, date format and time zone. Click on “Save” to save changes. 

The second option in the General category is “Appointments”, and in here the user will be able to establish appointment duration, first time reminder and daily appointment overview.

The next option is “Share” and by clicking on it on the right will appear the available calendars. When you click on any of them, different ways to share the information of the calendar will be able available. If we click on “My Calendar” and then enter the email address of the person to share the calendar on the first section of screen, and then click on “Invite” the calendar will be shared.

“Import” and “Export” are two important options, which by entering or creating an .ICS file allow to take scheduled events to other calendar or bring them over. For importing select the file generated by the other calendar provider, and for exporting select the calendar to export and click on “Export” to download it.

The last option in the General category of the configuration is “Delete Calendar/Appointments” to manage de events and calendars created by the user. With the option “Delete All Appointments” all events will be removed, appointments can also be erased by time period though. Calendars can be deleted completely as well, but only those created by user and not the default ones.

Thematic Calendars in GMX Mail´s Organizer

With Thematic Calendars, the user of the GMX Mail´s Organizer will be able to take the most out of the platform in terms of personal interest, since according to hobbies it will be possible to set calendars to be fully aware of related events with public holidays, stock exchange markets, sports, weather, TV shows and more.

Click on “Overview” on the Thematic Calendar category and select the calendar you interest the most to integrate it with your Organizer.

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