GMX Mail How to Use the GMX Cloud Functions

GMX Mail is a comprehensive email platform with advanced functions and options, not only to send and receive messages with attachments, but also other organizational services to boost productivity and use in general. One of these state-of-the-art options is GMX Cloud that will allow you to have your personal cloud and save any file and more in one place.

Let´s learn how to use GMX Cloud and take advantage of the different options offered by the platform and how does it work.

Uploading Files to GMX Cloud Easily

GMX Cloud is the personal online cloud service for general and attachment storage using the platform, allowing to save any type of file and document as needed. To start using it, open session in GMX Mail and then click on “Cloud” option on the tab panel on the top of the screen.

By doing so, the main Cloud screen will load and showing the main folders on the left and the actual files on the right. You count with up to 2 GB of storage capacity for free.

To upload a new file, click on “Upload” as button that is located at the top left corner of the screen, right below the “GMX” home option. In this way, a new sub-menu will appear with three options respecting uploading files: “Upload Files”, “Upload Folders” and “Upload from Smartphone”. Let´s click on the first one.

By doing it, the platform will ask through a window to search for the file in the local storage, then click on it to select it and the click on “Open”. In seconds, the file will be uploaded and this is how it looks.

With GMX Cloud is possible to create office files of different types directly on the platform. Click on the “Create” button next to Upload and select from the list if you want to create a document, a spreadsheet or a presentation. Let´s click on the first choice.

In this way, the platform will ask to enter the document´s name and then you can edit it as you like, being stored in your cloud.

Creating Folders and Managing Files in GMX Cloud

In GMX Cloud is possible to create folders and manage files for best convenience. To create a folder, click on “Create Folder” on the tool panel below the main tabs and the platform will ask the user to enter the folder´s name and after that it will be created.

Now that we know how to create folders, the next step is to put some files on them. Select the file by clicking on its checkmark field and when selected, a tool panel will appear to manage the file with options as Download, Delete, Copy and “Move.

 Click on “Move”, then go to the destination folder and click on “Paste”. The file will be moved.

To delete a folder or a file select the same way shown previously and on the resulting panel click on “Delete” and it will be deleted permanently.

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