GMX Mail How to Send an Email and Use the Formats

GMX Mail is an email provider and advanced platform focused in relevant aspects of use; great storage capacity, larger limit respecting file attachment than any other mail service, security features as built-in antivirus and strong encryption, along with organizational tools that make of GMX Mail of the best email providers.

Now, what would it be of an email platform without the option of sending messages? Let´s follow the steps on how to send an email in GMX Mail and use the formats to write proper emails.

Writing a New Message in GMX Mail

To start writing a new in GMX is very simply. Obviously, the first step is to access the platform and open session. To do it, by using your preferred internet browser enter the URL address: “www.gmx.com” and then write your email and address as main credentials to access your inbox.

Now that we are logged in, we can see that we are in the “Home” tab or home screen of the platform. From this screen we can start writing a new message from scratch by clicking on “Compose Email” as second option on the main panel to the left.

If we click on “Email” as second option on the tab menu on top, we will access the main options respecting email features, along with the “Compose E-mail” button on the top left corner.

Using either option to start composing emails, a writing screen will appear to start filling the message with text and required information. On the top of the writing section we can see the corresponding fields to add recipients in “To:”, and “Subject” below as topic or reason of the message. Add multiple recipients by entering email addresses and the separating them with a coma.

Below the Subject field we find the writing section where the actual content and text of the message will be entered. 

Using the Formats and Writing Tools in GMX Mail

In GMX Mail is possible to use different formats and give the message some originality, formality and legibility in general, thanks to the writing tool panel on top of the writing section.

With this panel we will be able to attach files, change fonts and their size, add effects as bolt or italic, add bullets, change alignment functions, add smileys and even check spelling. If we choose any of the options and click it, it will be applied to the text instantly.

We can even change color of the font and background with the option on the writing tool panel as shown in the image.

Now, if we want to change the format of the email to something more easy and traditional, we can do it by clicking on the “Format” button. In this way we can select between “HTML Mail” and “Text-Mail”, this last option not including options to modify text.

When the message is finished, click on “Send” as button located next to the recipients. The email will be sent instantly.

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