GMX Mail How to Create a New Document in Online Office

Office Online is a productivity platform offered by GMX Mail, in which users have powerful tools to stay productive and creative, by coming up with different sorts of files that can be edited on the go and are available in every device the user logs in, being very convenient to keep work going.

One of the most relevant type of files users take advantage when it comes to office suites is text documents, to write a script, a recipe, to make brainstorming session and for many other purposes. Learn how to create a new document in Online Office by GMX Mail.

Creating a New Document in Online Office

Specifically, in Office Online documents are text files to write virtually anything and counting at the same time with tools to edit and give format to what it is that we are writing, with other advantages as immediate cloud-based storage and more.

To create a new document, we need to open session first with proper credentials. Once we are in, let´s click on “Office Online” as sixth button located on the main tab panel on top.

By clicking on this tab, on the left we will be able to see the main panel on the left with folders and templates option, with the actual information and documents on the right. To create a new document, click on the “Create New Document” button with the abc icon on it.

At this point, the platform will require to enter the name of the document about to be created. In this case let´s call it “Business”. After entering the document´s name, click on “Save” and the file will be created and ready to be used.

When the file is created, it is put first on the left panel and is opened on the right to start writing the actual text of the document. In this section you can write whatever you need to.

Editing and Saving the New Document in Online Office

Now that we know how to create a new document in Online Office, we will be addressing the edit options on format to add on the document and also how to save it. To start, on top of the writing section you can find the tool panel with all the options to edit and give format to the document.

For example, we can modify and change the font of the text, its size, color and also apply underline, bold and italic effects to the letter. This is how it looks.

If we click on the arrowed button, the tool panel will show other options that are related with bullets, text alignment, image and graphics inserting and more. it looks like this.

Depending on your monitor, you may want to apply more zoom. To do it, click in “Zoom in” or “Zoom Out” on the bottom right corner.

Every document created in Office Online is automatically saved, but if you want to save it yourself and finish editing, go to the file on the left panel, click on the arrow and select “Save and Close”.

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