GMX Mail How to Configure POP3 and IMAP Options

IMAP and POP3 are mailing protocols that allow users to receive and send messages using email platforms, such as GMX Mail. In this way, such messages can be delivered and travel between severs and be authenticated, along other procedures that make them readable by email platforms and users in general.

Also, when email providers offer applications for users to install on their mobile devices, the configuration process and account synchronization is carried out through IMAP and POP3 protocols, as well as linking of third party accounts as tool provided by the email platform.

GMX Mail allows all of these procedures and more. Let´s see how to configure POP3 and IMAP options in GMX Mail to enjoy all of the related conveniences and more.

How to Enable POP3 and IMAP Options in GMX Mail

To begin with, after opening session in GMX Mail click on the “Home” tab on top of the screen to access the related options. You can do this from any page on the platform as the tab panel is always available. The Home tab is the first one.

Now, in the main menu on the left search for the “E-mail Settings” option that is almost last and above the Help button. In this way, you will access all the functions respecting email and message configuration, security, folders and more.

A new page will be shown with all the options mentioned before in form of categories. The main menu is on the left as usual, while the details on the category and option selected appear on the right.

To find the options of interest, go to the “E-mail” category which is the first one and then click on the subcategory “POP3 and IMAP”. On the right you that that GMX Mail recommends to use the available app for iOS and Android devices, and like this users will be able to take advantage of the platform in their phones or tablets.

If we scroll down a little bit more depending on the screen we are using, we will be able to find the POP3 and IMAP options. First of all, the platforms explain that by using this protocols the user will be able to retrieve emails from email software as Thunderbird or Outlook. Click on “Enable Access to this Account via POP3 and IMAP” and then on “Save” to apply changes.

To finish, GMX Mail will ask the user to enter a security code to make sure it is a person doing the process. So, enter it and click on “Continue”. In this way POP3 and IMAP functions will be enabled.

Server Data for POP3 and IMAP Protocols

When users want to sync GMX Mail with an app or link their account with a third-party email provider using POP3 and IMAP protocols, serve data will be required. These servers acts as gateways to access the emails and general configuration and authentication.

The information on server data for POP3 and IMAP protocols respecting GMX Mail are in this image.

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