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For many reasons in a variety of cases we are unable to answer messages in our inbox in email services, either because we are on a vacation or we simply do not want to be disturbed at some point. However, contacts do not know that and it is important that they get aware of this situation even when are not using our email. In GMX Mail we can set an Autoresponder message for this specific purpose.

Autoresponder is a function in GMX Mail that allows to set messages that are sent and delivered automatically to the contacts that are trying to reaching us, with a response that may explain we are not available and more. Let´s see how is done.

Setting an Autoresponder Message in GMX Mail

An Autoresponder email in GMX Mail will be sent automatically to the contacts that send us messages in a certain period of time in which we cannot answer or even read such email. This reply message could be anyone and is completely customizable.

So, after opening session on the platform, in the Home tab as main home screen search for the “E-mail Settings” option in the main menu placed to the left. In here all email configuration is included.

The email settings are divided into categories and options inside such categories that are located to the left, and with details about the option selected on the right. Go to the E-mail category and then click on “Autoresponder”, right below “Compose E-mail”.

In this way, Autoresponder options will appear on the right to choose. To begin with, if you have several email aliases, GMX Mail will let you pick from which of such aliases you need to establish an Autoresponder message when an email is received, or only select the main email address.

To do it, put the mouse cursor on the email address or alias you need to the set the Autoresponder message, and then click on the “Set up Autoresponder” option that is shown by a trash can icon.

The setting page for Autoresponder messages will appear. First, you can select the time period you need to set so the automated email is sent. Establish the date from first day to end day. Or select “Always” if the time is unspecified.

Now, in the Area for Autoresponder text you can write any message you need and it will be the one sent to the contacts that try to reach you. GMX Mail already creates a default Autoresponder message explaining the user is not available, you can edit it for best convenience though.

When you finish writing the Autoresponder email, click on “Save” to apply changes. This message will be sent automatically when emails are received from contacts in the selected time period.

If you want to set this automated message respecting all of the sender addresses you have in GMX Mail, you can do it by going back to the Autoresponder screen and clicking on “Autoresponder for all your sender addresses” and changes will be applied.

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