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Outstanding platforms and services online must include different languages, especially when these solutions are available worldwide. In this way, users will be from any number of countries and will speak different languages. If they are going to take advantage of a service and their language is not included, they simply will ignore it and more another that does.

In this regard, GMX Mail as specialized and advanced email service includes languages for people from many countries and at least three continents, encouraging more users to take benefit out of this platform. Let´s see how to change language in GMX Mail and related options.

Signing in on GMX Mail to Change Language

To change language or modify any other configuration in GMX Mail, we need to be logged in. To do it, access the official GMX Mail web site: “www.gmx.com”, and on the top right corner the platform will ask for credentials to enter by clicking it.

So, write valid email address and password to have access your account. When the information is entered, click on “Log In” and you will be signed in immediately.

Changing Language Options in GMX Mail

When you have logged in on GMX Mail the home page is the first screen you will see with general options and inbox. Now, on the left of the layout you will find the main menu with plenty of functions and categories. To access the language options, click on “Language” in the Personalization category.

In this way, language configuration will be available on the right. To begin with, you can change the language on your inbox and virtually all GMX Mail sections by choosing from the three languages available.

Depending on the region you are accessing and the language on the computer you are using, GMX Mail will show the corresponding language according to these parameters by default. In this case, the default language is English and it is selected from scratch.

However, if for any reason the language appeared on the screen is not the one you speak or wish to change it, you can choose between French and Spain. To change it, select the language you need to set GMX Mail to and click on “Save and Close”. To apply changes, the platform will restart automatically.

This is how it looks when French is chosen as selected language. The whole sections and text is now in French.

By repeating the previous steps, we can change the language from French to Spanish as third option provided by GMX Mail.

This is how the platforms looks when is set in Spanish.

How to Apply Language as Available Language in GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a services based in Germany, so the platform has its own domain to access it in German. So, if you speak German and want this email provider to show in this language, access the URL address “www.gmx.net” and the platform will be offered in German. You can sign up or log in following the same steps as in the worldwide webpage.


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