GMX Mail How to add and Delete,Import and Export Contacts

There is a similar important matter than the possibility to send messages respecting email platforms, and this is counting on with contacts to send those actual messages. Without a receiver, the whole point of sending a message will be simply useless. That is why; contacts is a very important aspects when it comes to email solutions, such as GMX Mail.

In GMX Mail is possible to save contacts and therefore being easier to choose recipients in our messages and also check valuable information as phone number, address and also for calendar purposes. Let´s see how to add and delete contacts in GMX Mail.

Adding and Deleting Contacts in GMX Mail

To start managing and adding contacts in GMX Mail, we obviously need to be logged in. So, open a new session and when you are at your inbox and home screen, search for the option “Contacts” on the main panel to the left. The button is first on the “Organizational Tools” category.

To go to Contacts, you can also select the option directly on the tab panel on top. By doing it, the Contacts screen will be able to manage people you get in touch the most, with a tool panel where the main options are located and naturally the button to add a contact.

On this screen, the layout is divided into two sections. The contacts list appear on the left and the selected contact´s information and details to the right.

To add a new contact, click on the button “New Contact” that is first in the tool panel. In this way, to the right the contact adding contact screen will appear to enter the corresponding information: first name, last name, email, mobile phone number, address, birthdate and more.

After the information is entered, click on “Save” at the bottom and the contact will be saved. Now the recently added contact appears on the list. 

Now, deleting contacts is very easy. To do it, select the contact from the list on the left, and click on the “Delete” option to the left, as button with the trash can icon. The contacts will be deleted.

How to Import and Export Contacts in GMX Mail

In GMX is possible to import and export contacts. To import contacts from another email provider or through a vCard, click on the “Options” button and the on “Import Contacts”.

There are three options you can choose to import contacts from other platform: “Import from Outlook”, “Import from File” and “Import from Yahoo”. If we select the second option, the platform will ask us to enter a valid contact file.

With GMX Mail we can also export contacts to another platform from it. To do it, choose the option “Export Contacts” in the Options menu. Then, select the format in which you want to export the contacts to the other platform, click on “Export” and the file will be immediately downloaded.

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