GMX Mail How does the Organizer Work and How to Create New Appointments?

The most outstanding email service providers out there are known because of great and very capable functions when it comes to emailing and messaging in general, as well as including some other features that are complementary and perfect for organizational purposes. GMX offers all of this with its Organizer, making having every appointment and important event or meeting at hand.

GMX Mail´s Organizer includes plenty of functions we will be reviewing, in terms of adding new events, sync different calendars, print schedules and more. This is the way it is done.

Knowing More about GMX Mail´s Organizer

The Organizer in GMX Mail is a calendar with highly advanced features regarding event scheduling and synchronization, all in one place and easy to use where checking for important events is simple and compatible notifications that alert the user when an important scheduled event is coming.

Also, this Organizer is compatible with mobile syncing in iOS and Android, thanks to the app that offers the calendar in mobile mode. In this way, losing an important event is a thing from the past since with the Organizer and smartphone you get notified.

Creating New Appointments in GMX Mail´s Organizer

To create a new event in GMX Mail´s Organizer, you first need to access the platform by opening session. When do so, click on the “Organizer” button on the main menu to the left of the screen, or also click on the tab on the top with the same title, either option will get to the Organizer.

Like this, the calendar screen will appear showing the hours of the current day, along with others. On the top right of the screen you will be able to choose the calendar layout in Day, Week, Month and Year. Week is the default layout. On the left is shown the permanently the monthly calendar.

There are two ways to create appointments. The main is by click on “Add New Appointment” as button located to the top left of the screen, above the permanently shown monthly character.

In this way, a new prompt window will appear called “Create New Appointment”, in which you add the event and enter corresponding information, such as title, period of time that covers the event and location. By clicking on “Save” the event will get registered. 

This is how it looks like an event that is recently added.

The other way to create an event is by simply clicking on the day or hour directly on the calendar to set the appointment. The previously prompt window will appear this way as well.

Adding other Calendars to the Organizer in GMX Mail

You can create other calendars in the GMX Mail´s Organizer and organizer events better. To do it, go to the My Calendars section on the main menu of the Organizer and click on the “+” icon. Then click on “New Calendar”.

To finish, enter the calendar name, select a calendar design and color and click on “OK”. The events can now be included in this calendar and this is how it looks like on the Calendars list.

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